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August 29, 2007

Betfair online tutorial

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The glamour tennis queen

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American Beth Mattek, 22, who has become famous for her on-court costumes, shocked the croud in her Wonder Woman style gold outfit with matching headband and a push-up bra in her win over Madison Brengle.

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August 28, 2007

5 ways to beat Roger Federer,8599,1656212,00.html

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1. Defense. Every player on tour would love to smack more winners than Federer. But trying to outshoot the game's most graceful shooter is like trying to out-jump Michael Jordan in his prime. It just won't happen. "The one common thread running through his losses is that all those guys play spectacular defense," notes Jim Courier, a former top-ranked player in the world. "What would be winners against most players aren't, and that can frustrate Roger." Nadal, no. 3 ranked Novak Djokovic of Serbia, and Argentine Guillermo Canas, who have all recently beaten Federer, can catch up to his trickiest shots. Canas has ousted Federer twice on hardcourt, the surface on which the U.S. Open is played. "My strength is the way I defend the point," says Canas. "Guys feel a little more uncomfortable if they have to hit an extra ball." Even those barely human guys, like Federer.

2. Backhand. As graceful an artist as he is on the tennis court, no true artist paints with two hands. Federer's fluid, one-handed backhand attracts admirers, but it also offers a small opening for his foes. "You have to hit a heavy serve above his backhand," says Nick Bollettieri, whose famed Florida tennis school has spawned a slew of stars, from Andre Agassi to Maria Sharapova. "No matter how good you are one-handed, that does cause some problems." High shots to the backhand will get Federer reaching, which opens the court a bit for your return. "Hopefully, he won't be able to dominate that next shot," says tennis Hall of Famer Stan Smith. Against Federer, that's about all you can ask for.

3. Show Your Emotion. We all know tennis players are supposed to exhibit good manners. But when fighting Federer, it's a good idea to ditch the game's unwritten rules. "I'm talking first point, first set, Roger makes an unforced error, pump your fists and shout," says Courier. "Just to let him know you're there to win, not just to play close. Sometimes you have to rattle the cage." Like Tiger Woods in golf, Federer preys on his opponent's reverence for him. Perhaps it's no coincidence that the player who has had the most success against Federer, Nadal, is the purveyor of the flying fist-pump. Says seven-time Grand Slam champ Mats Wilander: "Be a bit of an a--hole out there."

4. Bore Him. Federer is a pleasure seeker, the best ad-libber in the game. No one loves hitting the perfect angles on the move — off your drop shot, your lob, your slice — more than him. "So stymie him by boring him to death," says Courier. "Play every single ball to the same corner, over and over. Deny him the pleasures of the sport." Another tedium tactic is to take extra time between points. "He's a rhythmic kind of player," says ex-pro Barry MacKay, a veteran TV commentator. "He likes to have things moving along at a certain pace. It's like a batter stepping out of a batter's box against a great pitcher. You're saying, 'Hey, this guy is not in charge now.'"

5. The Power of Positive Thinking. Federer wins many matches in the locker room. Current pro David Nalbandian, who once held a five-match winning streak against Federer early in their respective careers, and most recently beat him at the 2005 Masters Cup in Shanghai, explains the pre-match body language of many players. "It's aw sh--, I'm playing Roger, I'm out," he says. Many players just want to give him a strong test; that's one reason they lose the match. "Every time I get on the court, I believe I can beat him," says Nalbandian. "Not enough guys think that way."

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August 26, 2007

Woman in red

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August 24, 2007

US Open 2007 - Matthew Cronin's Picks: First Round

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These two Americans know each other quite well, and there will be little trickery or major changes of strategy in the match. The victor will be the man who hits his forehand better and who is able to paint the lines when given opportunities.

Just because the veteran Russell hasn't had a superstar career doesn't mean he can't play. He nearly took down three-time Roland Garros champ Gustavo Kuerten in Paris one year and lost a five-setter and took Australian Lleyton Hewitt to five sets earlier this year Down Under. He's a solid and smart player without huge weapons, but one who believes he's capable of pulling off upsets.

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But Blake has been playing standout yellowball during August and has been an impressive second-week threat at the US Open during the last two years. With Andre Agassi now retired, he might become the most popular male player at this year's event. He's been lethal off the ground and has been making better use of the net. Russell will push him during two sets, but Blake will come through in three.


Gimelstob waved good-bye to Wimbledon after losing to Roddick in the first round and may do the same at the US Open after this contest. New Jersey's finest player has had some fine moments over the years, including taking a set off Andre Agassi in the third round in 1999. He has a terrific first serve and can volley more than a touch, but injuries have worn the 30-year-old's body down, and he has a hard time keeping up with the rest of the tour from the baseline.

He also has trouble with his return game, which against Roddick, is certain death. The 2003 US Open champion is a dominant server, who is willing to take chances on his foe's service games when he's in a good rhythm, and there's no reason to think that Roddick won't be confident here, given that he believes he can more than match Gimelstob blow for blow. But Gimelstob loves playing in New York, and on a great day at the net, he can take a set off Roddick. He will, but then will likely wave goodbye to his home country Grand Slam in a four-set defeat.


There's no question that Southern Californian Querrey is here to stay, but it's still difficult to tell how far the 19-year-old will go. He's a service bomber with big groundstrokes and has already hit a number of excellent players off the court, including James Blake and Tommy Haas.

At 6-foot-6, movement is not his forte, but when he gets his feet set and is in proper position, he can hurt anyone. Querrey has already cracked the top 50, with all of his positive results coming on hard courts and indoors. This is his season to shine, and in Montanes, he'll face a fast, veteran Spanish baseliner who is not going to give away a lot of cheap points.

Querrey will have to earn this victory by serving well, taking chances on his foe's second serves and burying mid-court balls. The happy-go-lucky U.S. Davis Cup aspirant will get through in straight sets.


Isner is the U.S. flavor of the summer, as he's the first collegian this century to make a substantial impact in singles, reaching the Washington final. At 6-foot-9, he's nearly unbreakable, and in DC, he set an ATP Tour record by winning five straight matches in third-set tiebreakers and serving 144 aces throughout the week. You think any player wants a piece of that blinding action?

A former All-American at Georgia, Isner still has a ways to go in developing the other parts of his game, but at least he knows he can hang in matches until the tiebreaks come. He'll have to do that against the lefty Nieminen, who has a tricky serve himself and can do damage from the back court. While Isner is nowhere the seasoned all-around player that the Fin is, the gut feeling here is that he will rise to the occasion and upset Nieminen in four tiebreakers.

Men's Bottom Half


Looking for a second-week lock at the 2007 US Open? Go no further than Hewitt, who in the past seven years has reached two finals (winning the title in 2001), three semis and two quarters. The Aussie absolutely loves Flushing Meadows and its medium-speed hard courts. Even when he's come into the event in questionable form, he's been impressive, like last year, when he out-toughed Novak Djokovic and Richard Gasquet before falling to Andy Roddick.

Hewitt again showed in Cincinnati that he's ready to rumble, taking top-ranked Roger Federer to a third-set tiebreaker. He's got a good shot at another semifinal, as he's in Djokovic's quarter, and he nearly beat the Serb at Wimbledon.

It's hard to see Hewitt going down to Delic, unless the American has the serving day of his life, and Hewitt has always been a tremendous returner. Concede the American one well-played set, but Hewitt will grind him down quickly after that.


This has become a watermark tournament for Ginepri, who was so impressive in reaching the semifinals two years ago and has dropped off precipitously since then. It's hard to tell exactly why, given that's he's in good physical shape and isn't a high-risk player, but he's lost a lot of confidence in himself and has only won two straight matches twice this year. He's way better than that but doesn't seem to believe it.

In Rochus, he'll face a creative and competent Belgium veteran who will give him very little to work with. Ginepri will have to wear his opponent down and not go for too much too early, or Rochus will have him spinning around. If Ginepri doesn't get off to a good start, he could be toast, but one has to think that he has at least one decent win in him at the tournament where he briefly came to fame. Look for the Georgia native to win an intriguing five-setter.

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August 15, 2007

WTA Mafia


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August 12, 2007

Betfair Trading Software - 6 Month Subscription Available

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BinarySoft version 2.0 has been released.

New Features:

- Support added for all markets on Betfair. When viewing "multi-selection" markets, a compact table of selections is shown with the net position and profit/loss for each selection.

- Weight of Money (WoM) indicators have been added below the ladder and also in the Selections table for multi-selection markets.

- Favourites List - right-click (or Ctrl-click on Mac OS X) on a market in the navigation tree to add it to your list of favourite markets.

- Projected Profit/Loss - a section of the interface which calculates what your profit/loss would be if you traded out of your net position at a particular price, and vice versa. (Ctrl + 5 to show this section)

- Invert Market - when viewing binary markets, press Ctrl + I to invert the market so that you can trade the other selection to win.

- A vertical bar has been added so that the left-hand side and right-hand side of the interface can be resized relative to each other.

- Always On Top mode added in the View menu.

- The Market Details section can now be shown/hidden by pressing Ctrl + 6 or going to the View menu.

- The Betfair Username can now be stored across executions.

- The sorting order for the Unfilled, Filled and Selections tables is now stored across executions.

- Improved market loading speed.

- Lots of major performance improvements.

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August 11, 2007

US Open 2007 is coming

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How to trade tennis?

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1. Get to know atp and wta players at least the top 20 in each of the tours.

2. Match up is the key ranking is not all try to understand the course of a game between diffrent styles of play the market tends to over value "big names"

3. Timing entering into position is very similar to buying stocks watch the graphs closly.

4. Risk and reward when hedgeing consider how much you risk in order to win how much a good ratio should be at least 100%.

5. Let the game develop in order to read it well.

6. Don't over play pick your games carefully if you win once a day even once a week it's good enough the more you play the more you are likly to lose.

7. Try not to bet against Roger Federer.

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August 9, 2007

ATP Tennis - Penn $1,000,000 Bracket Challenge

Dear ATP fan,

Earn your chance to become $1 million richer! The ATP and HEAD/Penn will award top dollar for a perfect bracket in the 2007 Penn $1,000,000 Bracket Challenge presented by HEAD.

To win the $1 million prize, a participant must correctly predict winners of all matches in the 56-player singles main draw at the Western & Southern Financial Group Masters, the seventh ATP Masters Series event of the season being held from August 13-19. Other prizes include $2,500, $1,000 and $500 worth of HEAD/Penn Racquet Sports products awarded to top finishers.

Registration is now open for the Penn Bracket Challenge.


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August 8, 2007

Betfair Turbo Tennis


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Sharapova make up

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When Tennis Isn't Good Enough

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August 3, 2007

Betfair fixed match

Top seed Davydenko pulls out in third set in Poland
Drift in pre-match odds prompts investigation

Matt Scott
Friday August 3, 2007
The Guardian

Betfair yesterday refused to settle its wagers after the top seed, Nikolay Davydenko, retired following irregular betting patterns on his tennis match at the Poland Open in Sopot. After winning his first set against the Argentinian Martin Vassallo Arguello 6-2, the Russian Davydenko lost the second 6-3 before withdrawing from the match with his opponent leading 2-1 in the third set.
The story of the match, coupled with the apparently unusual betting, prompted Betfair's market-integrity investigators to launch an investigation into the match. Davydenko and Arguello were unavailable for comment last night.

One punter who was following the match yesterday reported that, despite being the tournament favourite and No4 in the current ATP Tour rankings, Davydenko's pre-match odds drifted to 2.3, equivalent to an 11-8 against although he was set to face a player who stands 87th in the tour rankings. "Despite Davydenko winning the first set 6-2, Vassallo, an inferior player, was still favourite to win on the in-play Betfair market," said the punter.
When the match was suspended, Betfair was showing that $7,310,429 (£3,590,595 ) of bets had been placed and accepted on its site; this compared with approximately $3m during another second-round match at the same tournament, involving Steve Darcis and Tommy Robredo.

The online bookmaker is set to inform the ATP tour of its concerns over the match under the terms of its memorandum of understanding with the organisation, which has been in place since 2003.

It said in a statement: "Betfair has suspended settlement of the match-odds market on this afternoon's second-round match of the ATP Orange Prokom Open in Poland between Martin Arguello and Nikolay Davydenko, pending consultation with relevant regulatory authorities. Betfair has had a memorandum of understanding with the ATP since 2003 and will use it to exchange information should it become necessary."

A spokesman for the tour explained that it holds similar information-exchange agreements with other UK and European bookmakers. "The ATP takes issues surrounding gambling extremely seriously," said a spokesman. "We are committed to ensuring our sport remains corruption free and have strict rules in place governing this area.

"It would be inappropriate for us to comment further on any individual match or on the status of any potential investigation until such time as the process has been completed."

Betfair would not disclose how many times it had previously invoked its memorandum with the ATP tour, stating that such instances are never made public in any sport. However, it is now expected to broaden its investigation into other recent matches about which suspicions of impropriety have been raised. "We look at all matches all the time," said a spokesman for Betfair. "We have an integrity and fraud team of more than 40 people."

There will be particular attention paid to the concerns of punters on the Betfair site's tennis forum, one of whom told the Guardian: "It has become increasingly obvious recently that there are a significant number of 'fixed' tennis matches being played. It is obvious to anyone with some experience of the normal Betfair market behaviour and the appropriate odds for a tennis match that certain low-level ATP matches are being fixed, with corresponding irrational market patterns."

Betfair confirmed it would act on any such comments or debate on its forum. "We're all about transparency," added the spokesman. "You can't miss what is said on our forum, which is there for all to see."

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August 1, 2007

20 day trial BinarySoft - innovative betting software

BinarySoft BDI is the ultimate trading software for binary markets on the Betfair betting exchange. It uses binary prices to present a clean and professional interface for markets which have exactly two selections (or “runners”, “outcomes”).

BinarySoft BDI contains a revolutionary new idea - all of the bets across both selections are combined into a single vertical ladder-style interface. The main advantages of this are that all of the current bets on the market are displayed in a clear and concise manner, and that you can place a bet on the outcome of the market without having to worry about which underlying selection you should choose in order to place your bet.

There is a wide range of binary markets on Betfair, including the tennis game/set/match/handicap betting Email